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Guide for Driving in Poland

Should you ever decide to drive in Poland – here are the rules of the road as I understand them:-
A single, broken line down the middle of the road means that both sides are free to overtake when safe to do so.
A single broken line with a solid line next to it means that both sides may overtake when safe to do so.
A double, solid white line means that both sides may overtake when safe to do so.
Strangely, the phrase ‘when safe to do so’ directly translates from Polish to ‘on the brow of a hill and blind corners’.
The good thing is that on most roads there is a sort of small, hard shoulder which is there for you to pull onto (avoiding mopeds and pedestrians where possible) to allow the person, one inch from the back of your car to overtake. It is also there for you to avoid the people overtaking in the other direction.
For all it sounds bad – it actually works very well indeed and the Polish drivers are actually very nice, calm people. Safe it certainly ain’t, as there are hundreds of little bunches of flowers along the verges, marking the demise of all the drivers who failed to understand the above rules (or abide by them!).
Good Luck
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Why the weather in London?

Because I am a complete bastiardo and sit in the Sarf of France feeling VERY smug when it is cold and wet. Pretty unkind eh? Ahhhh, like I’m worried!
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2 years down the line and we get broadband… wahoooo!!!

At last…everything is soooo fast. Things download in a flash and now we can bore the whole world with our life and bits.

The plan is to keep all informed of how and what we are doing. Only problem is that we need to cram in 2 years worth of  projects and life detail… Erm, well yes, of course I’ll do it….. erm soon!!  ish!!

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